Tax Advisory Services in Dubai

Tax Advisory

Prepare yourself and your clients for VAT
implementation, CRS Exchange of information,
FATCA, and effective local and international tax

Tax Advisory Services in Dubai

The Rethink Tax Advisory team is comprised of International tax experts, as well as senior members of our auditing and accounting teams.  This combination of technical tax skills and implementation skills provides a boutique cost effective solution for the ever changing tax and compliance complexities in the UAE.

Below are our key Tax Advisory service offerings:

Value added tax (VAT)

VAT is expected to be introduced in UAE in 2018, potentially impacting many actors in the market.

The Rethink team has developed a 3-step strategy assisting our clients to comply with regulation and even benefit from VAT rules.

1st step: Tax Due diligence which will consist of:

  • Identification and analysis of the VAT impact on your business;
  • Review and amendment of contractual arrangements with suppliers in order to secure the VAT position;
  • IT system update for invoicing and accounting.

2st step: VAT structuring; based on the outcome of the 1st step, we will recommend the most appropriate solution and help you implement it.

3rd step: Tax compliance

  • Advise on the application of the rules, especially on available exemptions, VAT treatment of intra-GCC transactions, imports and exports;
  • Registration for VAT purposes with the competent authority;
  • Preparation and filing the tax returns;

Assistance in claiming VAT refunds.

Exchange of information (FATCA & CRS)

The global network of tax information exchange is developing rapidly, strand by strand, country by country.

We actively advise and shape the implementation of CRS and FATCA. We participate in various working groups, meaning we are at the cutting edge of tax and regulatory developments and can offer you real time updates.

We have experts in tax and regulatory issues, including FATCA and CRS rules, and are able to advise on specific issues as they arise for your company.

Our team can help you to grasp the complexities of these tax regulations and in particular:

  • Help you understand the impact of CRS and FATCA on your business operations and personal tax situation;
  • Correctly classify your entity;
  • Register your entity with the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to obtain a Global Intermediary Identification Number (GIIN);
  • Prepare the necessary self-certification forms (e.g. W8 forms);
  • Advise on your reporting obligations and/or reporting obligations you may be subject to in various jurisdictions ;
  • Advise on due diligence requirements;
  • Help you to adapt your onboarding procedures;
  • Draft the necessary policies and procedures;

Draft or review language for incorporation documents; offering materials and other documents, where relevant.