HR consulting in Dubai

HR Consulting

Helping you maximize the value of your business
through the effective implementation and
management of your Human Resource function.

HR Consulting and Advisory in Dubai

“Tend to the people, and they will tend to the business.” – John Maxwell

At Re/think, we offer a full range of HR consulting and outsourcing services to provide you with best practice policy implementation, guidance on local employment laws and regulations,  expert advice on hiring, retaining, motivating, and managing employees. We believe the success of your business is largely dependent on the development of the people within.

Our 3rd party HR experts provide advice and implementation strategies at all levels to ensure that your business continuously operates compliantly with current regulations and that all HR matters are dealt with effectively and in a timely manner.  Our model allows you to leverage highly skilled HR consultants at a lower cost than your own full time HR staff, while implementing best in class policies, procedures, and advice.  The Return on the investment of using our consultants vs. in house HR is immediate and will allow you to keep HR staff costs to a minimum, as our consultants provide support and expertise for the more strategic issues that will be faced at different stages of your company’s growth.

Depending on your budget, the level of support that you require and your overall business needs, we can help you determine the arrangement that would be more cost effective and suited for your company.

Our advisory & consulting service package includes:

Operational HR advice – review/implementation of work policies and procedures and verify compliance with regulations and best practices

  • Management of employee records, compensation packages, and contracts
  • Periodic meetings with owner/management team
  • Ongoing access to HR phone/email service to respond to general queries and everyday HR matters (such as labor issues, complaints…)
  • Customized management training sessions
  • PRO Visa Processing Services

HR Policies & Forms

  • Employee Handbook
  • Time and Attendance or Working Hours
  • Leave Policy & Forms
  • Code of Business Conduct & Ethics
  • Discipline, Grievance, and Capability Policies and Guidelines
  • On boarding – Process, Policy and Forms
  • Reimbursement Policy & Forms
  • Recruitment Policy & Forms

Organizational Structure & Reward Program

  • Job analysis and job description writing/updating for all positions within the company
  • Job evaluation and compensation based on job descriptions
  • Organizational structure and role alignment
  • Determination of job levels/grades
  • Review/Develop a reward structure that addresses compensation, benefits, recognition and appreciation

Employee Lifecycle

  • Goal setting strategies
  • Customized performance appraisal/review process, including development of custom forms
  • Merit pay and Bonus incentive plans for rewarding performance
  • Training and Development

Employee Engagement

  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Employee recognition programs (awards, acknowledgements)
  • Annual team activities

PRO Services

  • Employment visa processing and administration
  • Processing of Dependent Resident visa, Tourist/Visit visa, and Investor visa
  • Attestation of Certificates (Education, Marriage, Birth) and Diplomas within the UAE
  • Document translation
  • Work permit application/cancellation
  • Assistance with tenancy contracts and account setup – banks, utilities, phone services