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Due Dilligence & Valuation

Specializing in SME investments in the UAE and
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Our due diligence advisory service provides clients, who are considering buying or investing in a business, with reliable, comprehensive background information on the proposed transaction and help them make an informed decision prior to taking action. Re/think specializes in small and medium size due diligences, with the capability to expand to larger transactions through our M&A legal and advisory partners.

How are we different?

Our due diligence teams are comprised of auditors, financial analyst and senior CFO management consultants.  Many service providers treat a due diligence as an audit exercise, while Re/think adds value through management interviews, understanding and challenging business drivers, reporting on current risks and opportunities, and analysis of forecasted results.  Our final presentation to clients both highlights potential operational risk and control areas, but also provides suggested systems, reporting and risk management tools to monitor or improve the future results of the company.  This value-added approach brings a unique output for our clients and results in an overall better understanding of the target company.

What do we do during a due diligence?

Audit of Financial, HR, and corporate structuring legal compliance of the company being acquired or of the targeted investment.

Assessment of key risk factors, such as operational risks, control environment risk, compliance with UAE labor law, and an in-depth review of the company’s financials.

Financial analysis and modelling to evaluate the benefits of the acquisition and investment return metrics.

Recommendations regarding actions to mitigate risk and improve controls and operations.