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Corporate service providers and law firms have been at the core of our partnership and support service structure since our inception.  We work both through retrocession agreements and on a referral basis, depending on your preferred mode of operation.

Corporate Services Providers

Re/think can become the preferred 3rd party provider through our suite of services and be introduced to provide these services directly to your client.

We can integrate with your company and our services can be offered by you with our team working in the background.

Audit services covering mainland and freezone companies requiring audit can often be invoiced directly by corporate services firms at the time of inception.  Our Audit team, will be available to both clients and to you to respond to any regulatory questions throughout the year.  By using our audit firm for all or most of your clients, the process of renewal of licenses for your clients becomes more streamlined internally and overall simpler for the client.

As clients begin to use our monthly accounting & reporting, HR and advisory services, we will be in a position to refer them back to you for their structuring needs, when growth opportunities arise.

Re/think can also assist you ensuring that your firm is well controlled from a compliance view point, assisting you to implement a Code of Conduct, KYC policies and procedures as well as other compliance management tools.

Law firms

Partner with Re/think to provide services that fall out of your core business.

As Re/think becomes an integrated part of your clients business, through on going reporting and advisory services, we are able to refer them back to you for all legal questions and requirements.

Re/think can also assist you ensuring you firm is well controlled from compliance view point, assisting you to implement Code of Conduct policies, KYC and procedures as well as other compliance management tools.

Our Audit services will provide a one stop shop for any questions you or your clients have regarding regulations and requirements.

Our Advisory services regarding growth and capital needs of clients, will include coming back to you for legal advice as well as commercial agreements needed by the client.

Our network of clients are often in need of M&A legal services on both buy and sell side transactions and as part of our preferred partner network, we will at times need your services for our clients.

We would be happy to discuss the different ways we can work together and promote mutual business opportunities together.